House Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning your house is that top-to-bottom, thorough cleaning to make your house look spic and span, sparkling and shining. Every nook and corner of your house will get special attention in deep cleaning. It involves moving all the equipment and furniture and cleaning under them. Every item is scrubbed until it shines like new.

For example, when cleaning a bathroom, showers and tile walls get cleaned in normal cleaning. But in deep cleaning, the shower will be cleaned and disinfected. At the same time, the shower door will also get an extra attention. Tiles will be grout scrubbed and disinfected. Similarly, when it comes to kitchen cleaning, fronts of refrigerator and dishwasher will get cleaned in normal cleaning; whereas in deep clean, they both will be cleaned inside out. The microwave is wiped down in normal cleaning; in deep cleaning, inside of the microwave is also cleaned.

You may not need deep cleaning every time you clean your house, but it is best done at least once in a month or two. It is also a good idea to deep clean your house when you are moving or planning a special event. Though deep cleaning takes a lot of time and effort, you cannot underestimate the benefits this kind of cleaning.

Benefits of deep cleaning

  • Better indoor air quality: By thoroughly cleaning every area of your house including carpets, furniture, curtains, walls, you are making the house completely free from dust and allergens - one of the main reasons for allergies and sickness. Everyone in your home can breathe fresher air.
  • Get rid of bacteria and viruses: the Dirty environment is a haven for bacteria and other micro-organisms to breed; the more the dust and dirt - the more the bacteria. With normal regular cleaning, you will be cleaning only the outer surfaces and it is not that effective in eliminating the bacteria and germs that are responsible for illnesses and infections.
  • When you deep clean your house, you actually disinfect the house, not just clean it. By disinfecting areas like kitchen countertops, toilet, bathroom and other areas, you are killing the potentially harmful pathogens.

Reduce mold: You have more chances of detecting mold growth and fix it instantly while performing a deep cleaning. Mold attack can be very dangerous as it causes allergies, asthma attacks, and many other respiratory illnesses.

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Eliminate clutter: When performing deep cleaning, you will be moving all the items in your home. This gives you a good opportunity to discard anything that you are no more using. This helps you eliminate clutter and have more living space.

Reduce stress: Clean and sparkling home can reduce your stress and anxiety levels. Also, a clean and clutter free house make you find the things easier.

Can deep clean your home on your own?
Yes, you can but you need to spend a significant amount of time and effort. You also need to have professional grade cleaning products and equipment. It can take several hours and sometimes days for you to deep clean your home as you may not know the best cleaning practices. So it is better done by professionals who come to your home and deep clean it within hours. You just have to sit back and enjoy your free time.